Presentation products Biohealth

BIO-HEALTH founded in 2000, one of the first companies involved in organic products,  and since then, it has achieved to be THE LEADER in the organic market in Greece, especially in regards with dry products. 
BIO-HEALTH is well known throughout Greece for the variety, the quality and the service offered. 
Working hard every day in a highly competitive and demanding market, BIOHEALTH TEAM has achieved to offer  to the consumers, the widest possible range of the best certified organic products. This is due to the fact that their team co-operate with over 90 different foreign companies from ALL OVER THE WORLD.
Their MAIN imports come from Germany, PERU, SRILANKA , Italy,  Netherlands, and Spain. Besides, they have a co-operation with many Greek producers, known for the quality of their products.
As a result, a variety of around 1800 products has been achieved. In addition to the European brands, the company team has managed to create another  400 new products featuring the company’s logo (private label). Those include many important and well-known in Greece brands, such as PASTA MANIA for pasta, MEGA FOODS for super-foods, EFORI GI for pulses, and finally DIKOKKO for the ancient Greek grain “zeia” and its products(flour-pasta-cookies).
The company has also managed to have an excellent service managing to deliver within the Athens and suburbs area twice a week with privately owned trucks. The delivery all over the rest of Greece is made by transport companies within 2-3 days from the order date. 
The company’s products are sold exclusively in organic shops, pharmacies, delicatessen and small markets all over Greece.
As mentioned earlier, we have many Greek organic products, such as raisins, figs, pistachios, a variety of pulses, tahini, coffee, olive oil, olives, boulghour, honey, herbs, different kinds of hand-made pasta, hand-made cookies, olive oil soaps.
Therefore, in the last few years, despite the financial situations, an export activity has been organized in more than 20 different countries all over the world. 
All personnel have got a very good knowledge of healthy food,as well as a good relationship with the shops and some of them are specialized upon nutritional disorders and also very-well informed about all the latest developments in the organic food sector!! They also attend most of the organic fairs both in Greece and abroad!!
Additionally, there is a very informative site, in which, all the products are illustrated in different categories, so that somebody may obtain information  24 hours a day!!!
During the last year, that site has been enriched with the first business-to-business shop in the organic sector in Greece.

As a result of all that, the sales have increased and the company has grown in the last year to compensate for all the hard work that has been done in the previous years.